Thursday, February 21, 2013

Creativity momentum... How the Universe provides!

I'm not sure who is reading yet, but if you are please write me a comment.  It would be very encouraging to know what you think. I have "re-engaged" my creativity and it is in the slow gear right now until I can build momentum.  My two mantras for myself right now are Practice - Practice - Practice and Do It Now - Do It Now - Do It Now.

My daughter is now almost 10 months, already! and I can allow myself some time in my fabulous studio! 

How I came to have this beautiful website and decided to blog is because last year, in April I took Jeanne Oliver's Creatively Made Business e-course  The course was right around my daughters birth due date but, I had to register as it was calling me!  I was able to do two weeks before her birth and I literally finished the course the day it expired!  The most amazing thing happened, I had just given birth and after about 5 days I decided to check my emails. I had all of those congratulations emails in my in box from the Creatively Made Business ladies.... I sure was wondering what was going on, nobody knew I was expecting, except Jeanne Oliver so then I saw a message from Jeanne saying to the group that I probably didn't know yet as I had just given birth...  Didn't know what????  I had WON the fabulous prize Jeanne raffled off!  I would have never imagine that I would get to work with Sara Duckett from to create my own website, get my blog going, I also have my Etsy shop set up (with nothing in it yet but it's there) and my judiththibaultdesigns fb page that I will publish soon.  Art has been my calling, passion, true love since I am a little girl.  I could spend days on an art project from school just because I felt like it and I'm still like that today!  By winning this prize, the Universe is telling me that I must pay attention, it sure is providing.  It's up to me now to do the work...  Thank you again Jeanne because without this prize I would have never, or not right now, started my own website, blog, .... 

My lesson is when you are in alignement with your life calling and you "Do It Now, Do It Now, Do It Now" the Universe will provide what you need... Because there is never a perfect time to start or add something new to our busy schedules.  It was the literally the worst timing possible for me to start Jeanne Oliver's Creatively Made Business course but I did it anyway and I'm SO GLAD I did! 

I planted a seed, slow and steady wins the race... there is something to those sayings that's for sure!

Follow your heart, it knows the way!

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