Thursday, May 9, 2013

Organic, Small Town and Shopping Local FRUSTRATIONS

Okay!  I'm going to let it ALL OUT and it's not going to be pretty so if you are sensitive, stop reading right now.........

A brief overview... I have started buying organic over 15 years ago and I would say that for the last 10 years, I buy 100%.  Now I have recently added some wild foraging and I also grow a small garden.  10 years ago, I moved to a small town, ~10,000 peoples with the surroundings and started an organic delivery service to fill MY need and I sold it last year just before the arival of our baby.  I built it from scratch while in the mean time dealing with a devastating event in our family that took years to feel 'normal' again... I did amazing at taking the business as far as I did....  So now, I sold it in the hope that the new owner would WORK IT, take it to the next level and be as passionate about it as me.  It sure doesn't feel like it!  Maybe if he reads this, he can tell me wrong but I'm just writing what I'm seeing and feeling as a customer!

That shouldn't even be a question....
Wake up people...
We are in 2013 and WE ALL KNOW what the corporations are doing to our foods, organic isn't even the best so, do you imagine what the NON-organic stuff is like?  SCARY!  There is TONS of documentary to watch about the subject (Food Matters, The Beautiful Truth, Food inc, Sweet Mysery, look up Leonard Horowitz work, etc, etc, etc.....) 

Are people are so dumbed down with the food they eat that they can't even get out of that trap??????  Maybe????  There is also the flavor industry that's playing on our taste buds and they have refined it to a T.  It's reality, look up flavoring industry on Dr. Mercola's Website or do a search on YouTube. 

I am incredibly amazed at what people put in their mouth,
diesel in a gas tank! 
If you can transmute it, that's good for you....WE ALL KNOW WHAT'S BAD, If you are okay with it then good for you and continue eating it... with LOVE! I am seeing the BIGGER PICTURE... The picture of the environment, our children and our childrens children, the survival of our planet, not just about you.  
What do you think is going to happen?  A SHIFT and a BIG ONE.  Imagine if nobody buys foods in the middle ailes of the grocery store, what's going to happen?  The companies will Stop making them, right?  Wouldn't that be FABULOUS?  NO MORE OREOS and FROOTLOOPS. 
We, as CONSUMERS have the POWER TO CHOOSE!  You want a change then be the change and I sure hope I am not alone.........

My frustrations, the new owner of 'my old store' haven't been ordering food due to fridge issues......Okay one week it's fine, two really?  but it looks like it's going to be 3 weeks by the look of it.  It's make it work time for him and when there is a block there are solutions (in my mind anyway, there are always solutions).......  I'll not going to expand on this part as it's not up to me to find solutions for him,  I've shared a couple with him already.

So due to NO 'organic' food at my favorite store I had to go to the big box store.............I put my daughter in the shopping cart I think for the fist time and all I was telling her:  "This isn't mommy's store style and I don't want to shop here, we'll find an alternative for you to experience the importance of food, real foods! I get to the organic section at the big box store and all there is is crumbs in the display......  Looks like it's been raided, literally!  Good and bad feelings, good that PEOPLE DO WANT IT (I knew it) and bad, nothing left for me. 

For this week I found some solutions to my desires.... I talked to an organic grower and got some greens from her, THANK YOU SO MUCH  PATTY, YOU ARE AMAZING!  You have saved my frustrations, you are part of a change, you are moving forward with the times, you are my hero and I don't know what I would do without you.  Some of you might say, well why don't you grow your own....  Yes, your are right and I do what I can on that level but what's important is that I know where to spend my $.  I vote with it!  I am part of the change and I walk my talk!

Please people, show your support to the small business, buy local, let them know that they are wanted (this blog is my way of saying I WANT YOU)  That's why I am so frustrated!  I want my daughter to buy her food at the local market, at a small organic store that sells only foods compatible with our bodies (there is organic food out there that are mimicking the oreos and the frootloops and I tell you people it isn't good just because is says organic on the box... wake up, you know deep inside what's good).  Chips are chips organic or not.  Yes it will take you some time to make your own salad dressing from scratch, granola, cookies but man isn't  it worth it?  For you, for your children, our planet, the future generations?

aaahhhhhhhhh!  That felt good... If you are still reading, thank you!

Let thy food be your medicine and medicine be thy food!  - Hypocrates


  1. I am with you! Been a rough couple weeks here as well! We normally get a double bin ($100) from the local grocery so to not have that and have little to choose from at the big store means frustration for our family of 6! Luckily, our garden will be producing soon enough!

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